EDITOR-IN-CHIEF / Jennifer Manriquez

ASSISTANT EDITOR / Jason Manriquez

ARTISTS / Ben Dale, T. Denton, Audrey Funk, Derrick Jackson, Arfon Jones, Casey Jones, Stephen Kruppenbacher, and Cody Schibi

REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS / Stephen Foland, David Hildebrand Jr., Jason Manriquez, Pete Soards, and Shane Sturdivant

SPECIAL THANKS TO / Joe Bob Briggs, Tracy Vonder Brink, Frog Prints, Austin Jennings, Ben Kissel, Justin Martell, Matt Manjourides, Marcus ParkS, Kasey Poteet, Alex Taylor, and Henry Zebrowski 

ABOUT THE EDITOR:  I'm a lifelong Texan and a twenty-year zinester. I started out with autobiographical zines (known as "perzines") back in the early 2000s, then my husband and I wrote a local music zine for a handful of years. I took a break from zine'ing while I had a kid and finished grad school, but I couldn't stay away forever!
Journalism, writing, and publishing are in my blood. When I was in elementary school, I made a class newspaper. I had little reporters and everything! And, because I just really loved doing it, I also made a non-school-related newspaper at home called The Ice Cream News. I stood on my curb and sold handwritten copies to passersby for 25 cents each. Most of the stories concerned neighborhood cats.
In junior high and high school, I got into writing fiction, but it was always fan-fiction as I'm terrible at coming up with good characters. I'm also terrible at writing fiction. But if you ever want to read about Atreyu's smoky love affair with Princess Kressin, my 8th-grade writing folder has you covered. I later became the Humor Editor of my high school's bi-annual creative writing publication. I wanted to be editor-in-chief, but I wrote a funny article about surviving surgery, based on a recent knee surgery I'd undergone, and from then on I was the "funny writer." Hello! I had eighteen journals full of angsty teen poetry, but whateeeeever [insert angsty teen eye-roll here]. I also wrote a 'Teen Talk' column for an independent Waco, TX, newspaper. I don't remember what it was called, but I do remember it had a lot of biker ads in it.
I tried journalism school after college and didn't love it, so I ended up getting a Liberal Arts graduate degree with an emphasis in Writing. Now that my kiddo is a little older and I'm a lot fatter, and I finally finished playing Skyrim all the way through, I decided to get back to what I do best. Zines. Since Joe Bob Briggs came back on the air and I've always been a HUGE fan of his, I figured I'd start there. I'd never done a single-subject dedicated fanzine before, but Joe Bob is so rife with deep knowledge and fascinating information, there's no way to fit all of the threads he starts to unravel with every film he hosts. It's a veritable gold mine of zine opportunities! I started out thinking I'd create a fan club of sorts, the membership to which would include a quarterly newsletter written by yours truly, with a lot of Joe Bob quotes and info. But, Joe Bob is too big for a shifty little newsletter, and his fans (we call ourselves "drive-in mutants") are too earnest and eager to be contained on one sheet of paper. Thus, The Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine was born to great success! I've been having so much fun with it, that I decided to start another fanzine dedicated to my favorite podcast, The Last Podcast on the Left. I've been a listener for about five years and I love it so much. Just like Joe Bob, the guys at LPOTL are dripping with information too great to be contained in a single podcast episode. So, for that one, I'm trying my hand at both a fanzine and an episode companion. I have a few non-fanzine related zines in the works too. I just need to find the time! But Paddy Jack Press will be printing zines of all types forevermore because, clearly, this is what I was born to do. This and baking. I'm really good at baking.