*** Join us on Friday, October 2nd, for the #LastDriveInAgain live-tweet of Joe Bob's Phantasm RaVager Dead episode! ***

When Joe Bob takes a break, you can join the Paddy Jack Press crew at the #LastDriveInAgain on Twitter! With giveaways, guest appearances, free printable checklists for your own notes, and lots of laughs, you don't want to miss it!

We meet up every Friday night when there's not a new Joe Bob's Last Drive-In episode to watch. The movie is always announced on Twitter ahead of time. Follow Paddy Jack Press on Twitter (@paddyjackpress) or sign up for our emails to be sure you're getting the updates. 

We watch the Joe Bob-hosted episode of the chosen film at 8 pm central time, and we tweet together using the hashtag #LastDriveInAgain

Come here to pre-print the checklist and share yours with the rest of the gang at the end of the tweet-fest! page08 page07 page06 page05 page04 Drive-in-checklists page02 Drive-in-checklists