On any Friday night that Joe Bob Briggs doesn't host a new episode of The Last Drive-In, we meet up on Twitter at 8pm central time (9pm EST) and re-watch past episodes together with like-minded mutants. Be sure to follow the dedicated Twitter account at www.twitter.com/driveinagain to find out what we'll be watching. You can tweet along with us using the hashtag #LastDriveInAgain. If you're the artistic type, you can also join the #LastDrawInAgain by printing out the respective form below, putting some film-related art on it, and sharing it with us using the hashtag #LastDrawInAgain. Your artwork might be featured in a future issue of The Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine!

Disclaimer: The views of participants do not reflect the views of Paddy Jack Press.
Paddy Jack Press is not responsible for the tweets posted by others during #LastDriveInAgain.