At 8pm CT on Friday, December 4th, we'll be watching the WolfCop episode of The Last Drive-In on Shudder. And we'll be chatting with each other on Twitter using the hashtag #LastDriveInAgain. Lots of fun, riffs, larfs, and prizes! Join us! This week's prize is the sold-out Halloween Hootenanny Joe Bob action figure (NIB), sponsored by Heck Johnson. You'll be automatically entered just by participating.




When Joe Bob takes a break, you can join the Paddy Jack Press crew at the #LastDriveInAgain on Twitter! With giveaways, guest appearances, and printable activity sheets, you don't want to miss it!

We meet up every Friday night that there's not a new Joe Bob's Last Drive-In episode to watch. The movie is always announced on Twitter ahead of time. Follow Paddy Jack Press on Twitter (@paddyjackpress) or sign up for our emails to be sure you're getting our news!