Last Fanzine on the Left #1

$6.66 - $15.00
Last Fanzine on the Left #1

The Last Fanzine on the Left, Issue 1
Dedicated to The Last Podcast on the Left!
(Made with LPOTL’s permission.)

This first issue covers the very first episode of The Last Podcast on the Left.
Lots of transcribed highlights from the show.
An exclusive Ben Kissel fanzine interview.
Some amazing fan art.
An interview with Henry Zebrowski (submitted by a fan).
Lots of philosophical and academic musings to make you feel like you’re learning something.

Full-color, cardstock cover.
Black and white, lustrous paper innards.*
The product photos show the insides in full color, but the printed version is black and white. The cover IS in full color!
High-quality print and paper throughout.
28 pages.
Sticker and resealable collector's baggie included.

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