Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine #1

$10.00 - $30.00
Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine #1

July 2019
Inspired by Joe Bob Briggs' very first horror movie marathon on the Shudder channel, this is the issue that started it all.
(Made with Joe Bob's permission.)

60 pages.
Full color, cardstock cover.
Luminous, 28-lb, black-and-white innards.

Covers all 12 films from the first Last Drive-In marathon: Tourist Trap, Sleepaway Camp, Rabid, The Prowler, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama, Daughters of Darkness, Blood Feast, Basket Case, Re-Animator, Demons, The Legend of Boggy Creek, Hellraiser, and Pieces.
Comes with an issue-specific bumper sticker and a resealable collector's baggie.
Plus, lots of fan art, letters, and love.

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