Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine #2

Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine #2

August 2019
Inspired by Joe Bob Briggs' love of slasher classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
(Made with Joe Bob's permission.)

52 pages.
Full color, cardstock cover.
Luminous, 28-lb, black-and-white innards.

Covers all things Chainsaw! So chock full of Chainsaw knowledge, you'll be able to understand Leatherface's gargles by the time you finish.

Plus, lots of fan art, letters, and love.

Comes with an issue-specific bumper sticker and a resealable collector's baggie.

Sent USPS First-Class or USPS Priority Mail (depending on weight) in the U.S.
For orders outside the U.S., please make your purchase from my Etsy shop at (clickable link on 'Links' page).